Federico Lavorenti

Research: Global modelling of Mercury's outer environment to prepare Bepi-Colombo
Thesis: Kinetic plasma simulations of Mercury’s magnetosphere to prepare BepiColombo
Supervisor: Francesco Califano


I am Federico Lavorenti, at this time enrolled in a conjoint PhD program between Pisa University and Côte d'Azur University (Nice, France). I have obtained a conjoint master degree in September 2020 by both UniPi and Sorbonne University (Paris) in the field of plasma physics. My research mainly focuses on the processes associated to collisionless plasmas in space environments, with particular focus on the interaction between planetary (like Earth's and Mercury's) magnetospheres and the solar wind (i.e. supersonic flow of energetic particles emitted from the sun). This research project is carried out using analytical/numerical tools and aims at supporting the scientific operations of ongoing space missions such as the ESA/JAXA mission BepiColombo.

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