Pietro Carra

Degree: Pisa (2017)
Research: Development and characterization of new technologies for Time-of-Flight Positron Emission Tomography, including scintillators, photodetectors, read-out electronics and data acquisition systems
Supervisor: Giancarlo Sportelli - Marco Luise
Thesis: Neural network enhanced instrumentation for scalable


I attended the scientific liceum Ariosto-Spallanzani in Reggio Emilia, where I obtained my diploma in2012 with a mark of 100/100. I got my bachelor's degree in physics at the University of Modena and
Reggio Emilia, with a dissertation about the information transfer between groups of dynamic variables within complex systems.
I took my master's degree at the University of Pisa, with a final mark of 110/110 cum laude, specializing in medical physics. In particular, my master's thesis was about the development and experimental test of detectors and FPGA-based read-out electronics for the measurement of time-offlight.
My main research interests are scintillators and photodetectors in general and their relative read-out electronics, data acquisition systems and analog electronics. I am also interested in machine learning and artificial intelligence, with a special focus on implementing AI algorithms in hardware. I enjoy reading and listening to music….

PhD Theses


Carra, Pietro

Neural Network Enhanced Instrumentation For Scalable PhD Thesis





Carra, Pietro

Development and characterization of a scalable PET detector for total-body applications Presentation




Carra, Pietro

Studying hierarchical complex systems through the information flow between their constituents Presentation