Giovanni Armando

Degree: Birmingham (2019)
Supervisor: Paolo Panci
Room: 167 Ed. C


I was born in Luxembourg in 1997. I grew up there, and I got my High School Diploma in 2015 from the European School of Luxembourg, as well as a piano diploma from the Conservatory of the City of Luxembourg in 2014. After finishing school I moved to the UK for my university studies. I completed an MSci degree in theoretical physics at the University of Birmingham in 2019, where I did my thesis on the properties of one-dimensional Bose gases in regimes of quantum degeneracy. I then pursued a one-year postgraduate Master’s degree at the University of Edinburgh. My Master’s thesis was focused on the phenomenology of QCD in the context of jet production at the Large Hadron Collider. My main research interests lie in theoretical particle physics, in particular in the phenomenology of fundamental interactions, both within the Standard Model and beyond. During my PhD, I am focusing on Dark Matter phenomenology. In my free time, I enjoy playing tennis and playing the piano.



Armando, Giovanni

Light and Heavy Dark Matter Phenomenology Presentation




Armando, Giovanni

The Electroweak Hierarchy Problem Presentation



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