Francesco Bertucci

Degree: Genova (2020)
Research: Conformal field theories
Supervisor: Alessandro Vichi
Room: 168 Ed.C


I was born in Lavagna (Liguria) on June 1996. Quite strangely, I attended a technical high school and after that I obtained both my Bachelor and Master degree in Physics in Genova. In my Master
thesis I studied topological structures in supergravity under the supervision of Prof. Camillo Imbimbo. When considering a specific formulation of supergravity, some quantities that characterize the theory can be (mathematically) related to different objects appearing in a particular topological theory. These structures are emergent, and they do not show up in a different formulation of the theory. As I started my PhD, my research area changed, and now I study conformal field theories in the group of Prof. Alessandro Vichi. Besides physics, I like reading,
watching movies, going to the theatre, listening to music and, when possible, travelling.



Bertucci, Francesco

Conformal bootstrap in different dimensions Presentation




Bertucci, Francesco

Instantons in quantum field theory Presentation



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