Alessio Fiori

Degree: Pisa (2020)
Research: Fisica delle onde gravitazionali
Thesis: Characterizing glitches in high-energy pulsars. A Bayesian approach to pulsar timing
Supervisor: Massimiliano Razzano


I was born in Viareggio, Italy, on April 6, 1994. I obtained my High School Diploma at Liceo Scientifico Barsanti e Matteucci in Viareggio in 2013. In the same year I started studying at the University of Pisa, where I obtained my B.S. in Physics in March 2017. I continued my studies in Pisa and attended the Astronomy and Astrophysics course. I achieved my M.S. in Physics in September 2020 with the grade of 110/110 cum laude. My Master thesis, supervised by Prof. Massimiliano Razzano, consists in a detailed analysis of the variable gamma-ray pulsar PSR J2021+4026 with the Fermi Large Area Space Telescope. By working on my thesis I achieved expertise in NASA's Heasarc Tools, Fermi Science Tools and statistical analysis with Python. I also joined the Fermi LAT collaboration, of which I am currently an active member. My main scientific interest is the multiwavelength and multi-messenger study of Galactic objects, especially pulsars, which are natural laboratories providing extreme conditions not available on Earth. Among my hobbies, I enjoy reading comic books and playing Dungeons & Dragons. I am also a huge fan of Star Wars.



Fiori, Alessio

Characterizing glitches in high-energy pulsars: A Bayesian approach to pulsar timing Presentation




Fiori, Alessio

Multi-messenger observations of neutron stars: constraints on the equation of state Presentation



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