Dario Sauro

Degree: Milano (2020)
Research: Teorie della gravitazione
Thesis: Symmetries in Metric-Affine Gravity: when Cartan meets Weyl
Supervisor: Omar Zanusso, Roberto Percacci
Room: 174 Ed.C


I was born in Milan (Lombardy) on December 24, 1995. I got the scientific diploma at “Liceo Scientifico e Classico Ettore Majorana”, in Desio (MB). I graduated (cum laude) at the University of Milan, with a master thesis on supersymmetry breaking in chiral d=4 models. Since then, my interests have moved to non-SUSY theories of gravity in d=4, with particular emphasis on the inclusion of torsion and the chiral decomposition of local Lorentz symmetry. Now I am working with Prof. Zanusso on the spontaneous breaking of Weyl gauge invariance and the dynamical generation of the Planck scale. Besides physics, my passions are: reading historical essays, listening and playing music (piano, guitar and bass guitar), cycling and hiking.



Sauro, Dario

Weyl invariance and non-vanishing torsion Presentation




Sauro, Dario

Weyl gauge symmetry and high-energy gravitation Presentation



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