Milene Calvetti

Degree: Pisa (2016)
Research: Analisi dei dati in ATLAS per misure di sezione d'urto dell'higgs in b bbar.
Thesis: Studies on H → bb decay and V H production with the ATLAS detector
Supervisor: Chiara Roda - Paolo Francavilla


I was born and I grew up in Rome, where I attended the liceo scientifico Primo Levi from 2005 to 2010. I have studied physics in Pisa and graduated in July 2013. I decided then to undertake the Master’s degree studies choosing the “Physics of fundamental interactions” curriculum. In summer 2014 I had the opportunity to work for three months as a CERN summer student. During this period I participated to the commissioning of the laser calibration system of the central section hadronic calorimeter of ATLAS (TileCal). For my Master thesis I kept on working within the ATLAS collaboration and I choose a data analysis thesis. I graduated in Pisa in July 2016, the title of my thesis is “Measurement of the diboson pp→WW+WZ production cross section in the semileptonic decay channel at √s = 8 TeV with the ATLAS detector”

PhD Theses


Calvetti, Milene

Studies on H -> bb- decay and V H production with the ATLAS detector PhD Thesis





Calvetti, Milene

Studies on H->bb bar decays and VH production with the ATLAS detector Presentation




Calvetti, Milene

Color vision in human eyes: optic technologies for people with color blindness Presentation



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