Andrea Ottomaniello

Degree: Pisa (2016)
Research: Manipulation of THz radiation, Optomechanics
Thesis: Microcavity resonators and schemes for dynamical control of terahertz quantum cascade lasers
Supervisor: Alessandro Tredicucci
Room: 19


I grew up in Buti, a small town near Pisa. I attended liceo scientifico A. Pesenti of Cascina where I graduated in 2009. I studied at the University of Pisa and I obtained my Master’s degree in 2016 focusing on matter physics and photonics. My thesis work has been performed at the NEST laboratories of Pisa with Prof. A. Tredicucci as supervisor. The work consisted in the simulation, nano-fabrication and spectroscopic characterization of a particular device constituted by a monolayer of graphene and a metasurface of metallic micro-resonators (split-ring resonators). Due to the giant Faraday rotation provided by this system at Terahertz (THz) frequencies under the presence of a few Tesla of magnetic field, it can represent a possible solution for the realization of an optical isolator in this important electromagnetic range.
My PhD research field is focused on the manipulation of THz radiation and the study of optomechanical systems for the transport of (quantum) information.
Outside the studies, my favorite hobbies are sports, in particular football, I play football since I was six, listening to rock 'n' roll music, traveling and visiting place immersed in nature and stay with my friends.

PhD Theses


Ottomaniello, Andrea

Microcavity resonators and schemes for dynamical control of terahertz quantum cascade lasers PhD Thesis





Ottomaniello, Andrea

Emission control of terahertz quantum cascade microresonators Presentation




Ottomaniello, Andrea

The relevance of atmospheric models to climate change predictions: the case of the South-American monsoon system Presentation



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