Ankur Sharma

Degree: ISM (IIT) Dhanbad, INDIA, 2014
Research: Astroparticle Physics (Km3NeT Collaboration). Constraining the Hadronic and Neutrino emission from BL-Lac Objects through a multi-wavelength analysis
Thesis: Analyzing the High Energy Activity of Candidate Blazars to Constrain their Observability through Neutrino Telescopes
Supervisor: Antonio Marinelli
Room: C 72
Phone no: 050 24655


I was born brought up, and completed my graduate studies in India. I obtained a Masters degree in Applied Physics in 2014 after completing a 5 year Integrated course. My research interest lies in Neutrino Physics and High Energy Astroparticle Physics, and in the second year of college I did a project with the IceCube collaboration in UW-Madison. In the subsequent years, I also worked for the ANTARES collaboration on testing a new track reconstruction algorithm and the CUORE experiment at Gran Sasso on tagging of radioactive surface background with ABSuRD. I also explored Cosmic Muon Tomography with the INO collaboration in India. In the final year of my degree, I went for an exchange program to the University of Porto in Portugal and completed my Master thesis there on constraining the parameter space of dynamical dark energy models using different datasets. After college I took up a job with a company that worked for Astronomy communication and popularization among students and masses, and we conducted evening and night sky observations with big telescopes for communities, along with training sessions and workshops on astronomical concepts. I am presently associated with the KM3NeT collaboration, and for my doctoral thesis, I will study the hadronic and neutrino emission from some classes of BL-Lac objects and explore a multi-wavelength approach for the determination of the physics behind these objects. A subsequent goal will be the study of discovery potential of the selected classes with a neutrino telescope (ANTARES, KM3NeT) and the estimation of cumulative neutrino emission from the whole sky for BL-Lacs. I am fond of teaching wherever possible, and during my college days in India, I volunteered to teach children in slums close to our campus and also taught for a while voluntarily in government schools.

PhD Theses


Sharma, Ankur

Analyzing the High Energy Activity of Candidate Neutrino Emitter Blazars to Constrain their Observability through Deep Sea/Ice Cherenkov Telescopes PhD Thesis





Sharma, Ankur

Constraining the Hadronic Neutrino Emission in BL-Lacs & FSRQs through a Multi-Messenger Approach Presentation




Sharma, Ankur

Neutrino Astronomy and KM3NeT - an Introduction Presentation



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