XIX Cycle (2003-2006)

Masoud Armikhani

Research: Fisica della materia
Thesis: Laser spectroscopy studies of relaxation dynamics in polymers
Supervisor: G. Gorini - D. Leporini

Leonardo Benucci

Research: Fisica delle particelle elementari (CMS/CERN)
Thesis: Study of flavour changing neutral currents in top quark decays with the CMS detector
Supervisor: G. Tonelli

Valentina Brosco

Research: Fisica teorica
Thesis: Aspects of the Quantum Dynamics of Josephson Devices
Supervisor: R. Fazio

Ersilio Castorina

Research: Fisica dei neutrini
Thesis: Search of Neutralino Dark Matter with the ANTARES Neutrino Telescope
Supervisor: V. Flaminio

Riccardo Cenci

Research: Fisica delle particelle elementari (BABAR/SLAC)
Thesis: Search for lepton flavour violating decays tau to lepton+K0s with the BaBar detector
Supervisor: F. Forti

Milenko Halat

Research: Fisica teorica
Thesis: On renormalizability of power-counting non-renormalizable theories
Supervisor: D. Anselmi

Petra Maria Koester

Research: Fisica dei plasmi
Thesis: A study of fast electron transport in high-intensity laser-matter interactions through X-ray imaging and spectroscopy
Supervisor: L. Gizzi

Simona Cristina Laza

Research: Fisica della materia
Thesis: Application of picosecond laser ablation to the production of colloidal gold nanoparticles
Supervisor: F. Giammanco

Giovanni Morlino

Research: Astrofisica
Thesis: Particle Acceleration at astrophysical shocks: a detailed study of the energy spectrum for test-particle relativistic theory and non-linear Newtonian theory
Supervisor: M. Vietri

Massimiliano Razzano

Research: Fisica astroparticellare (AMS)
Thesis: Model and simulation of gamma-ray pulsar emission in GLAST
Supervisor: R. Bellazzini

Francesca Sarri

Research: Fisica delle particelle elementari (ATLAS/CERN)
Thesis: Search for the Standard Model Higgs decaying into tau-jet final state with the Atlas Experiment at the LHC
Supervisor: C. Roda
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