XV Cycle (1999-2002)

Riccardo Apreda

Research: Fisica teorica
Thesis: Gravity duals of supersymmetric and non-supersymmetric gauge theory
Supervisor: M. Maggiore - Zaffaroni

Andrea Camposeo

Research: Fisica della materia
Thesis: Atom lithography with neutral atoms
Supervisor: E. Arimondo

Francesco Cornacchia

Research: Fisica della materia
Thesis: New materials for laser applications: teory and experiments
Supervisor: M. Tonelli

Diego Grandi

Research: Fisica teorica
Supervisor: P. Rossi

Silvia Petroni

Research: Astrofisica
Thesis: Classical Cepheid and RR Lyrae pulsation models dependence on input physics and parameters
Supervisor: Bono - Castellani

Francesco Sandrelli

Research: Fisica delle particelle elementari (BABAR/SLAC)
Thesis: Limits of the decay-rate difference of neutral B meson and CP, T and CPT violation in B0 Bbar0 oscillations at BABAR experiments
Supervisor: M. Giorgi

Giulio Usai

Research: Fisica delle particelle elementari (ATLAS/CERN)
Thesis: Identification and triggering of soft muon in the ATLAS detector
Supervisor: T. Del Prete
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