XVI Cycle (2000-2003)

Marco Anderlini

Research: Fisica della materia
Thesis: Rb photoionization and Rb-Cs collisions at ultralow temperatures
Supervisor: E. Arimondo

Iacopo Bernardini

Research: Fisica delle particelle elementari (CMS/CERN)
Thesis: Higgs search in the channel H-->WW-->LVJJ with the CMS detector
Supervisor: G. Tonelli

Francesca Bucci

Research: Fisica delle particelle elementari (BABAR/SLAC)
Thesis: Study of B to X_S gamma with a fully inclusive technique at BABAR
Supervisor: M. Giorgi

Francesco Cornacchia

Research: Fisica della materia
Thesis: New materials for laser applications: teory and experiments
Supervisor: M. Tonelli

Alberto Franzoso

Research: Fisica astroparticellare (AMS)
Thesis: Study of the performance in space environment of the electromagnetic calorimeter of the AMS experiment
Supervisor: F. Cervelli

Roberto Grena

Research: Fisica teorica
Thesis: Almost superconformal vacua and confinement in N=2 supersymmetric gauge theory
Supervisor: K. Konishi

Pietro Parruccini

Research: Fisica teorica
Thesis: Critical properties of multiparameter hamiltonians
Supervisor: P. Rossi

Stefano Sanguinetti

Research: Fisica della materia
Thesis: Atomic parity violation in heavy alkalis: detection by simulated emission for cesium and traps for cold francium
Supervisor: P. Minguzzi
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