XXII Cycle (2006-2009)

Michele Cascella

Research: Fisica delle particelle elementari (ATLAS/CERN)
Thesis: Measurement of the associated production of direct photons and jets with the ATLAS experiment at LHC
Supervisor: V. Cavasinni

Luca Galli

Research: Fisica delle particelle elementari (MEG/PSI)
Thesis: A real-time glance at the Lepton Flavor Violating decay mu to e gamma in the MEG experiment
Supervisor: M. Grassi

Giovanni Gallucci

Research: Fisica delle particelle elementari (MEG/PSI)
Thesis: Experimental issues of the search for mu to e gamma decay in the MEG experiment at Paul Scherrer Institut
Supervisor: A. Baldini

Bjarke Gudnason

Research: Fisica teorica
Thesis: New Vortex Types and Soliton Substructures
Supervisor: K. Konishi

Mario Pasquato

Research: Astrofisica
Thesis: Globular clusters and intermediate-mass black holes: A model-free, non-parametric approach to observations and simulations
Supervisor: G. Bertin - S. Degl'Innocenti
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