XXIII Cycle (2007-2010)

Andrea Arcangeli

Thesis: Luminescent material for optoelectronic applications
Supervisor: M. Tonelli

Claudio Bonati

Research: Fisica teorica
Thesis: Confinement, deconfinement and monopoles in gauge theories
Supervisor: A. Di Giacomo

Emilio Ciuffoli

Research: Fisica teorica
Thesis: High-energy properties and low-energy phenomenology of scalarless Lorentz-violating Standard Model Extensions
Supervisor: D. Anselmi

Paolo Francavilla

Research: ATLAS/CERN
Thesis: Measurement of the inclusive jet cross section with the ATLAS detector at the LHC
Supervisor: C. Roda

Daniele Gaggero

Research: GLAST
Thesis: Cosmic Ray diffusion in the Galaxy and diffuse Gamma emission
Supervisor: R. Bellazzini - D. Grasso

Yung-Guo Jiang

Research: Fisica teorica
Thesis: Dynamical Aspects of Non-Abelian Vortices
Supervisor: K. Konishi

Pathak Naveen

Research: Laser
Thesis: Laser pulse propagation in plasmas and its implication on frequency up-shift and electron acceleration
Supervisor: D. Giulietti

Guglielmo Paoletti

Research: Fisica teorica
Thesis: Deterministic Sandpile Models and Patterns
Supervisor: S. Caracciolo

Martina Taiuti

Research: Fisica teorica
Thesis: Renormalization and phenomenology of quantum electrodynamics with high-energy Lorentz violation
Supervisor: D. Anselmi

Matteo Tamburini

Research: Plasmi
Thesis: Radiation reaction effects in superintense laser-plasma interaction
Supervisor: A. Macchi

Riccardo Torre

Research: Fisica teorica
Thesis: Signals of composite particles at the LHC
Supervisor: R. Barbieri

Zinonos Zinonas

Research: ATLAS/CERN
Thesis: Measurement of the multi-jet cross-sections with the ATLAS detector at the LHC
Supervisor: V. Cavasinni
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