XXIV Cycle (2008-2011)

Giulia Casarosa

Research: Esperimento BABAR/SLAC
Thesis: Measurement of Mixing and CP Violation in the Two Body D0 decay to K+K-, pi+pi- and K+-pi-+ with the BABAR Experiment
Supervisor: F. Forti

Angelo Di Canto

Research: Esperimento CDF/FNAL
Thesis: Measurement of CP-violating Asymmetries in the D0->pi+ pi- and D0->K+K- Decays at CDF
Supervisor: G. Punzi

Maurizio Fagotti

Thesis: Entanglement and Correlations in exactly solvable models
Supervisor: P. Calabrese

Rosario Elio Profumo

Thesis: Interaction effects in decoupled graphene layers
Supervisor: R. Fazio - M. Polini

Federico Sforza

Research: Esperimento CDF/FNAL
Thesis: Evidence for Diboson Production in the Lepton plus Heavy Flavor Jets Final State at CDF
Supervisor: G. Chiarelli

Emanuele Tognelli

Research: Astrofisica
Thesis: Characteristics and properties of accreting and non-accreting Pre-Main Sequence Models
Supervisor: S. Degl'Innocenti - F. Prada Moroni

Priya Vasanthakumar

Thesis: Optics and Spectroscopy of Gold Nanowires
Supervisor: M. Allegrini - A. Debarre
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