XXVII Cycle (2011-2014)

Jacopo Pinzino

Research: Esperimento NA62/CERN
Thesis: Online trigger processing for the NA62 rare kaon decay experiment
Supervisor: M. Sozzi
Room: 208
Phone no: 050 2214267

Liberato Pizza

Research: Foundations of quantum physics, Quantum Thermodynamics and correlations, Statistical mechanics out of the equilibrium, Thermal Heat Engine. Early cosmology: Bario\leptogenesis. Modified theory of gravity: phenomenology, Dark Energy. Massive neutrino
Thesis: The role of Gravity in the comprehension of the early and late time universe
Supervisor: A.Strumia - G.Lambiase
Room: 169
Phone no: 050 2214898

Gabriele Sicuro

Research: Combinatorial optimization, Statistical Physics, Mathematical Physics
Thesis: The Euclidean Matching Problem. Statistical Physics Methods for Optimization.
Supervisor: S. Caracciolo
Room: 169
Phone no: 050 2214898
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