XXI Cycle (2005-2008)

Lucia Bonelli

Research: Fisica della materia
Thesis: Solid State for white light generation and visible laser emission: experiments on Pr-doped crystals
Supervisor: M. Tonelli

Alberto Cervelli

Research: Fisica delle particelle elementari (BABAR/SLAC)
Thesis: Search for Lepton Flavour Violation Decay at BaBar
Supervisor: M. Giorgi

Andrea Cintio

Research: Fisica dei plasmi
Thesis: Absorption of an ultrashort intense lase pulse as a few degrees if freedom Hamiltonian system
Supervisor: F. Cornolti

Francesco Fiori

Research: Fisica delle particelle elementari (CMS/CERN)
Thesis: CMS discovery potential of Z -> µµ signal in early LHC collisions and a first evaluation of the detector performance using cosmic ray data
Supervisor: G. Tonelli

Matteo Giordano

Research: Fisica teorica
Thesis: On a Euclidean approach to the problem of soft high-energy scattering in nonperturbative Quantum Chromodynamics
Supervisor: E. Meggiolaro

Antonio Marinelli

Research: Fisica dei neutrini
Thesis: The AGN neutrino sources discovery potential of the Mediterranean Sea Telescopes
Supervisor: M. Morganti

Francesco Palermo

Research: Fisica dei plasmi
Thesis: Kelvin-Helmholtz instability and associated phenomena in the magnetopause: observations-simulations
Supervisor: F. Califano - F. Pegoraro

Davide Pirino

Research: Econofisica
Thesis: Theoretical and Empirical Essays of the Dynamics of Financial and Energy Markets
Supervisor: R. Reno'

Giovanni Ricco

Research: Fisica teorica
Thesis: Surface Layers in the Gravity/Hydrodynamics Correspondence
Supervisor: J. Evslin

Walter Vinci

Research: Fisica teorica
Thesis: Classical Moduli Spaces of Non-Abelian Vortices
Supervisor: K. Konishi
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