XXXIV Cycle (2018-2021)

Marco Barsanti

Research: Topological Solitons
Thesis: A near-BPS analysis for the Skyrme model
Supervisor: Stefano Bolognesi
Room: 169 Ed. C
Phone no: 050 2214898

Marco Cardinali

Research: Lattice QCD and Yang-Mills theory
Thesis: Aspects of Confinement in QCD and QCD-like Theories
Supervisor: Massimo D'Elia
Room: 170 Ed.C
Phone no: 050 2214899

Gregorio Carullo

Research: Analisi dati di coalescenze compatte attraverso onde gravitazionali
Thesis: Black Hole Spectroscopy: from a mathematical problem to an observational reality
Supervisor: Walter Del Pozzo
Room: 70 Ed.C
Phone no: 050 2214472

Gaia Ciampalini

Research: Two dimensional materials based sensors
Thesis: Investigation of Graphene-MoS2Heterostructures in a Multiple Field-Effect Transistor Architecture
Supervisor: Alessandro Tredicucci
Room: 77 Ed. B
Phone no: 050 2214848

Luigi Corona

Research: High energy physics (Belle II Collaboration)
Thesis: Search for the visible ττ decay of a Z′ dark boson in μμττ final state with Belle II
Supervisor: Francesco Forti
Room: 221 Ed. C
Phone no: 050 2214243

Francesco Finelli

Research: Plasma Physics
Thesis: Magnetic reconnection in space plasmas: advanced numerical models and detection in turbulence
Supervisor: Francesco Califano
Room: 47 Ed. C

Davide Giambastiani

Research: Fisica della Materia
Thesis: Strain engineering of graphene with polymeric actuators
Supervisor: Stefano Roddaro - Alessandro Pitanti
Room: 78 Ed. B

Giacomo Landini

Thesis: Dark Matter And Gauge Dynamics
Supervisor: Alessandro Strumia
Room: 168 Ed.C

Enrico Lari

Thesis: Measurements of the π⁰ → e⁺e⁻γ decay with application of Deep Learning techniques
Supervisor: Marco Sozzi - Gianluca Lamanna
Room: 206 Ed. C

Giuseppe Lovarelli

Research: Trasporto trasversale di elettroni in eterostrutture bidimensionali
Thesis: Modelling of quantum transport in devices based on heterostructures of two-dimensional materials
Supervisor: Giuseppe Iannacone
Room: 18 Ed. B

Leonardo Lucchesi

Research: Quantum transport modelling in nanoscale devices
Thesis: Modelling of ballistic transport in nanodevices made of 2D materials heterostructures
Supervisor: Giuseppe Iannacone
Room: 18 Ed. B
Phone no: 050 2217638

Luca Marchetti

Research: Quantum Gravity Phenomenology
Thesis: Emergent Continuum Physics from Quantum Gravity
Supervisor: Giancarlo Cella
Room: 70 Ed.C

Shubhi Parolia

Thesis: Testing lepton flavour universality and activities of phase-II upgrade in CMS
Supervisor: Alberto Messineo - Andrea Rizzi

Carla Signorini

Supervisor: Maria Luisa Chiofalo - Andrea Ferrara
Room: 32 Ed. B
Phone no: 050 2214553

Manuela Sisti

Thesis: Detecting and investigating magnetic reconnection in space plasma simulations
Supervisor: Francesco Califano
Room: 43 Ed.C
Phone no: 050 2214841
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