XXXV Cycle (2019-2022)

Chiara Animali

Research: Theoretical Cosmology
Thesis: Non-linear aspects and backreaction in cosmological inflation
Supervisor: Giovanni Marozzi
Room: 169 Ed. C

Elia Bottalico

Research: High Energy Physics (Muon g-2 Experiment, E989)
Thesis: Beam Dynamics corrections in the measurement of the anomalous precession frequency at the Muon g − 2 experiment at Fermilab
Supervisor: Graziano Venanzoni
Room: 249 Ed. C
Phone no: 050 2214611

Emilio Cipriano

Thesis: Techniques of Magnetic Resonance Imaging for the study of brain connectivity: applications and development at Ultra-High Field
Supervisor: Michela Tosetti
Room: 220 Ed. C

Gloria Conte

Research: Nanophotonics
Thesis: Phononic and photonic metasurfaces for optomechanical applications
Supervisor: Alessandro Pitanti

Gianfranco Cordella

Research: Simulations of fluids
Thesis: Plastic surface pattern in compressed amorphous films
Supervisor: Dino Leporini
Room: 30 Ed. B

Eugenio Ferrato

Thesis: The Air-breathing Electric Rocket
Supervisor: Francesco Califano - Tommaso Andreussi
Room: 43 Ed. C

Giovanni Franchini

Research: Theoretical cosmology and gravitational waves (LIGO)
Thesis: Stochastic gravitational waves backgrounds
Supervisor: Giancarlo Cella
Room: 170 Ed. C
Phone no: 050 2214899

Gaia Germanese

Research: Superconducting Detectors
Thesis: Electric and thermal properties of Josephson devices and Applications
Supervisor: Francesco Giazotto
Room: NEST Laboratories

Priyanka Giri

Research: Gravitational Waves (Virgo)
Thesis: Optimisation of CO2 laser-based aberration control in Advanced Virgo +
Supervisor: Francesco Fidecaro
Room: 72 Ed. C
Phone no: 327 6690081

Paolo Girotti

Research: High Energy Physics (Muon g-2)
Thesis: Measurement of the muon anomalous precession frequency at the Muon g-2 Experiment at Fermilab
Supervisor: Marco Incagli
Room: 249 Ed. C
Phone no: 050 2214611

Peter Seigo Kincaid

Research: Optomechanics
Thesis: Hollow Core Photonic Crystal Fibers for Temperature Measurement in Hydrogen Combustors
Supervisor: Donatella Ciampini
Room: 78 Ed. B
Phone no: 351 7778494

Lorenzo Maio

Research: Lattice QCD
Thesis: QCD properties in strong background magnetic fields
Supervisor: Massimo D'Elia
Room: 170 Ed. C
Phone no: 050 2214899

Andrea Marasciulli

Research: Laser-plasma acceleration (ILIL)
Thesis: Toward resonant laser-wakefield excitation of a pulse train generated by a delay mask
Supervisor: Leonida Antonio Gizzi
Phone no: 050 315 2257

Riccardo Nunzio Pilato

Research: High Energy Physics (MUonE collaboration)
Thesis: Feasibility study of the MUonE experiment
Supervisor: Graziano Venanzoni
Room: 249 Ed. C
Phone no: 050 2214611

Matheus Rodrigues Medeiros Silva

Research: Theoretical Cosmology
Thesis: A novel framework for the light-cone perturbations
Supervisor: Giovanni Marozzi
Room: 169 Ed. C

Tiziano Schiavone

Research: Theoretical Cosmology
Thesis: Large-scale structure of the Universe in General Relativity and beyond
Supervisor: Giovanni Marozzi - Giovanni Montani
Room: 174 Ed. C

Nunziato Sorrentino

Research: Gravitational Waves Experimental Physics (LIGO Virgo collaboration)
Thesis: Searching for gravitational waves from binary close encounters: a deep learning analysis approach
Supervisor: Massimiliano Razzano
Room: 69 Ed. C
Phone no: 050 2214384
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