XXXVI Cycle (2020-2023)

Annachiara Albanese

Room: 76 Ed. B

Giovanni Armando

Room: 167 Ed. C

Giuseppe Arrò

Research: Kinetic scale turbulence in a magnetized plasma

Francesco Bertucci

Research: Conformal field theories
Room: 168 Ed.C

Namitha Chithirasreemadam

Research: Mu2e detectors calibration, background studies and search for the CLFV neutrino-less muon-to-electron coherent conversion at Fermilab
Room: 191 Ed. C

Pietro Conzinu

Research: Theoretical aspects of astroparticle, physics, cosmology and gravitation
Room: 174 Ed.C

Lorenzo Cotrozzi

Research: Particle Physics

Alessio Fiori

Research: Fisica delle onde gravitazionali

Alessio Franchi

Research: Conformal Field Theories
Room: 168 Ed.C

Federico Lavorenti

Research: Global modelling of Mercury's outer environment to prepare Bepi-Colombo

Manuel Naviglio

Research: Lattice gauge theories
Room: 167 Ed.C

Stefano Rinaldi

Research: Astrofisica extragalattica e cosmologica
Room: 70 Ed.C

Francesco Russo

Research: Conformal Field Theories
Room: 167 Ed.C

Dario Sauro

Research: Teorie della gravitazione
Room: 174 Ed.C