Mohamed Aghaie Moghadam Ozbak

Laurea: Tehran (2021)
Supervisore: Paolo Panci
Stanza: 162 Ed. C


I was born in Tabriz, East Azerbaijan Province, Iran on 13th July 1996. Despite my profound interest in physics, due to the fact that there wasn't any strong physics program in my home country, I did my bachelor's in material science and engineering at the University of Tabriz. However, during my bachelor's I realized I can not give up my interest in physics, so I changed my major to physics in master's, eventually. I completed an M.Sc degree in theoretical physics – Gravitation and Cosmology at the University of Tehran in 2021, where I did my thesis on the properties of de Sitter spacetime under the supervision of Professor Mohammad Nouri-Zonoz. I studied the behavior of the congruence of null and timelike geodesics in de Sitter and Bertotti-Kasner spacetimes. I calculated the expansion parameter for 18 families of geodesics and using Raychaudhuri's equation, I investigated their temporal evolution. I was able to demonstrate the impact of the cosmological constant on the evolution of the various congruence of geodesics, successfully. My main research interests lie in theoretical particle physics, the phenomenology of fundamental interactions, both within and beyond the Standard Model. I find the research on Dark Matter particularly interesting.