Giuseppe Di Somma

Laurea: Napoli (2021)
Ricerca: Physics and reconstruction of the Sagnac signal in the GINGER experiment
Supervisore: Angela Di Virgilio
Stanza: 191 Ed. C


I was born in Avellino in 1992. I have always been a very curious person. In the second year of high school, I was fascinated by an experiment in which the number was dialed of a phone placed under vacuum, and that phone would light up but would not ring. That is when I understood I wanted to study Physics. It was only while I was preparing my bachelor’s degree dissertation in Physics that I understood Astrophysics and cosmology in general were the areas where I wanted to do research in.

In my dissertation, I dealt with the measurement of an amount of dark matter through the observation of the gravitational lensing effect caused by galaxies or clusters of galaxies. My work was very experimental and I was especially interested in the theoretical modeling part. This prompted me to choose a theoretical curriculum for the Master's degree that would feature cosmology as its main subject.

I earned my master's degree in theoretical physics from Naples “Federico II” University (2021). In my Master Thesis work, supervised by Prof. Salvatore Capozziello and Dr.ssa Micol Benetti, I focused on inflationary cosmological models taken from extended theories of gravity that could be related to string theory if they satisfied some of the Swampland conjecture criteria. These models were compared with the data using such programs as CAMB (Code for Anisotropies in the Microwave Background).

During my PhD, supervised by Prof. Angela Di Virgilio, I am focusing on physics and the reconstruction of the Sagnac signal, in particular I am working on the GINGER experiment in order to measure the rotation of space-time due to the rotation of the Earth (Lense–Thirring effect).