Alessandro Dondarini

Laurea: Pisa (2021)
Supervisore: Scilla Degl'Innocenti, Pier Giorgio Prada Moroni
Stanza: 166 Ed. C


I was born in Pescara (Italy) in 1997. After I obtained the high school diploma, I pursued my Bachelor degree in physics at the University of Pisa (cum laude). In 2021 I got my Master degree in theoretical physics in the same University (cum laude). In my Master thesis, supervised by prof. Damiano Anselmi, I computed the predictions of a new theory of quantum gravity within the framework of inflationary cosmology. The aim of the thesis was to probe the effects of purely virtual particles (fakeons) in the CMB anisotropies.  My research interests mainly focus on theoretical particle physics (Standard Model and beyond) with an eye on cosmology.