Lorenzo Lavista

Laurea: Pisa (2020)
Supervisore: Luana Persano, Andrea Camposeo
Stanza: 83 Ed. B


I was born in Bagno a Ripoli (Tuscany) in 1996. I obtained both my Bachelor Degree in Physics (2018) and my Master degree in Condensed Matter Physics (2020) at the University of Pisa. In my master thesis, supervised by Prof. Dario Pisignano and Dr. Andrea Camposeo, I fabricated and characterized photo-responsive polymeric soft actuators that were employed in the
assembly of a light-driven drug delivery device. My research will focus on the realization of optical microcavities and plasmonic nanocavities in strong coupling regime for the study of energy transfer effects in molecular systems and a possible use of these photonic devices in the field of soft actuators.