Gregorio Paci

Laurea: Bologna (2021)
Ricerca: Theoretical aspects of cosmology
Supervisore: Giovanni Marozzi
Stanza: 169 Ed. C


I was born in Senigallia, where I attended a scientific high school. I received my
B.Sc. degree in physics and my M.Sc. degree in theoretical physics at the University
of Bologna, both with the grade of 110/110 cum laude. My Bachelor’s thesis was
about cosmological perturbation theory while, in my Master’s thesis, I studied the
impact on black hole thermodynamics of a boundary term entering in the action of
Teleparallel Gravity, an alternative theory of gravity describing this interaction in
terms of spacetime torsion. My main research interests lie in theoretical cosmology
and applications of quantum field theory techniques to gravity. In particular, I am
interested in early universe physics, inflationary cosmology, quantum cosmology, and
quantum field theory on curved spacetimes. Besides physics, I enjoy hiking, playing
guitar, videogames, and science fiction.