Daniele Sonaglioni

Laurea: Pisa (2021)
Ricerca: Diffrazione elettronica e calorimetria di composti molecolari di interesse farmaeutico
Supervisore: Simone Capaccioli
Stanza: 83 Ed. B


I was born in Fermo (Marche) in 1996. I earned my Bachelor Degree in Physics in 2018 at the University of Camerino and then I moved to the University of Pisa where I got my Masted degree in 2021 in Condensed Matter Physics. 

During my master thesis period, supervised by prof. Dario Pisignano and prof. Simone Capaccioli, I studied the denaturation process of globular proteins embedded in glass forming systems with the help of the experimental techniques of differential scanning calorimetry (fast and conventional) and neutron scattering.

I am interested mainly in biological systems and in general on the phenomena of glass transition, polymorphism and protein denaturation.

During the PhD period, supervised by prof. Simone Capaccioli and dr. Mauro Gemmi, my research will focus on the study of molecular compounds of pharmaceutical interest.