Francesco Tarantelli

Laurea: Pisa (2021)
Ricerca: Analysis of the quantum many-body systems in low-energy regimes
Supervisore: Ettore Vicari
Stanza: 168 Ed. C


I was born in 1997 in Pescara. In July 2019, I obtained a Bachelor Degree in Physics at
the University of L’Aquila with grade 110 cum laude and with a thesis on ’Entanglement
properties of the ground-state for fermionic lattices’ (supervisors: Prof. Sergio Ciuchi and Prof.
Simone Paganelli). Then, I moved on the University of Pisa where I achieved a Master Degree
in Theoretical Physics in July 2021 with grade 110 cum laude. The thesis title was ’Quantum
critical behavior in the presence of dissipative boundaries’ with supervisor Prof. Ettore Vicari.
During the Master program, I attended the courses on Theoretical Physics, Non-Perturbative
Quantum Theories, Statistical Physics, Complex Systems, Numerical Methods, Gravitational and
Cosmological Theories.
My Ph.D. research concerns the analysis of the quantum many-body systems in low-energy
regimes, in particular I focus on the quantum phase transitions in open quantum systems and on
the implementation of the computational algorithms which simulate these types of problems.