Federico Avella

Laurea: Pisa (2023)
Tesi: Acceleration of an ionization-injected bunch in a laser-driven plasma bubble wakefield
Supervisore: Leonida Antonio Gizzi
Stanza: CNR-INO

Born in Salerno in 1992, I moved to Pisa in 2011 where I started to study Physics at Università of Pisa and continued music studies at Istituto Superiore di Studi Musicali “Pietro Mascagni” in Livorno. I achieved Master of Arts degree in Saxophone in September 2013 with score 9.5/10, then I got my Bachelor Degree in Physics in June 2016 and attended the courses of Plasma Physics . I got my Master Degree in Physics of Matter – Plasma Physics on February 2023 with score 109/110. The title of my thesis was “Acceleration of an ionization-injected bunch in a laser-driven plasma bubble wakefield” and was about the numerical study of a possible accelerating scheme, involving the excitation, by an intense laser driver, of a plasma bubble structure whose high amplitude fields accelerate and focus an electron bunch injected via ionization of Nitrogen. My supervisor was dott. Leonida A. Gizzi from “Istituto Nazionale d’Ottica” INO-CNR (PISA). I won a PhD position in the Physics programme of Università di Pisa, financed by INO-CNR “Istituto Nazionale d’Ottica” on the subject “High intensity laser-plasma interaction for particle acceleration” as part of the project “Integrated Infrastructure Initiative in Photonic and Quantum Sciences” (IPHOQS); my supervisor is dott. Leonida A. Gizzi.

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