Gregorio Carullo

Laurea: Pisa (2017)
Ricerca: Analisi dati di coalescenze compatte attraverso onde gravitazionali
Tesi: Black Hole Spectroscopy: from a mathematical problem to an observational reality
Supervisore: Walter Del Pozzo
Stanza: 70 Ed.C
Telefono: 050 2214472


I obtained both my bachelor degree in Physics and my master degree in Theoretical Physics (Fundamental interactions) at the University of Pisa.
My master thesis was focused on the characterization and the parameter estimation of ringdown signals coming from coalescence of binary black holes.
I currently work in the Data Analysis group of Virgo (Pisa group) under the supervision of Dr. Walter Del Pozzo.
I am interested into the characterization of black hole binaries and on the developments of new tests of General Relativity from these signals.
I am also interested into modelling the effect of exotic states of matter or black hole mimickers on ringdown signals.



Carullo, Gregorio

Observational Black Hole Spectroscopy Presentation




Carullo, Gregorio

High-velocity regime in Kelvin wakes Presentation



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