Giacomo Landini

Laurea: Pisa (2018)
Tesi: Dark Matter And Gauge Dynamics
Supervisore: Alessandro Strumia
Stanza: 168 Ed.C


I was born on June 1994 in La Spezia, where I attended the scientific high school “A.Pacinotti”. I obtained my Bachelor's and Master's degree at the University of Pisa. In my Master's thesis work, supervised by prof. Enrico Meggiolaro, I studied the interactions of axions with photons and mesons using different chiral effective Lagrangian models.
My research interests focus on theoretical high energy physics, in particular on the phenomenology of the fundamental interactions, new physics beyond the Standard Model and QCD.
Besides physics I enjoy listening to music, playing the saxophone, the bass guitar and reading books.



Landini, Giacomo

Composite Higgs Models Presentation



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