Leonardo Lucchesi

Laurea: Pisa (2018)
Ricerca: Quantum transport modelling in nanoscale devices
Tesi: Modelling of ballistic transport in nanodevices made of 2D materials heterostructures
Supervisore: Giuseppe Iannacone
Stanza: 18 Ed. B
Telefono: 050 2217638


I was born in Viareggio (Tuscany) in 1993. I obtained my bachelor and my master at University of Pisa, but I studied for a year at LMU in Munich during the master, where I discovered my passion for Theoretical Condensed Matter physics, non-equilibrium problems in particular. In my master thesis, supervised by Prof. M. L. Chiofalo, I worked on the generation of ground state entanglement in ultracold Fermi gases for metrological uses, in particular for atom interferometry. During my PhD I will be supervised by Prof. G. Iannaccone, as I will work mainly on modelling of quantum transport in nanoscale devices, an interesting class of non-equilibrium problems. Besides physics, I have maybe too many interests: I like singing, playing my guitar, motorcycles, fixing broken stuff, playing roleplaying games and board games, cycling and hiking, but strictly one at a time.



Lucchesi, Leonardo

Ballistic Transport in Nanodevices: a Monolayer Bipolar Junction Transistor Presentation




Lucchesi, Leonardo

Modern sunlight harvesting: latest techniques in photovoltaics Presentation



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