Luca Marchetti

Laurea: Pisa (2018)
Ricerca: Quantum Gravity Phenomenology
Tesi: Emergent Continuum Physics from Quantum Gravity
Supervisore: Giancarlo Cella
Stanza: 70 Ed.C


I was born in Ancona (Marche), on August 1993. I got the fifth year diploma in pianoforte at Conservatorio Giovanni Battista Pergolesi in Fermo and my scientific high school diploma at “Liceo scientifico Corridoni-Campana” (Osimo) with final mark 100/100 in 2012. Then I moved to Pisa, where I took my Bachelor's (2015) and Master's (2018) Degrees in Physics, both with 110/110 cum laude. During my training as theoretical physicist I developed an interest towards gravitation and in particular towards the attempts to formulate a quantum theory of gravity. Because of this, in my Master Thesis work “Using correlations to experimentally search for Quantum Gravity effects” (supervised by Prof. Giancarlo Cella) I studied a Quantum Gravity phenomenological model and I proposed an interferometric experimental setup designed “ad hoc” to detect Quantum Gravity effects. I am interested in the “Quantum Gravity problem” in all its facets, but in particular in phenomenological implications of Quantum Gravity in cosmology and black hole physics and in their experimental investigation through gravitational waves physics. I am a co-founder of the Comparative Quantum Gravity group, which consists in master and PhD students discussing (and studying) different topics and approaches to Quantum Gravity.After a hard day of work I usually clear my mind working out and playing football or, when I need to relax, playing the piano.



Marchetti, Luca

Effective physics from Quantum Gravity Presentation




Marchetti, Luca

Phase space techinques: the Wigner function and its applications Presentation



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