Carla Signorini

Laurea: Milano (1983)
Supervisore: Maria Luisa Chiofalo - Andrea Ferrara
Stanza: 32 Ed. B
Telefono: 050 2214553


Carla Signorini was born in Rome in 1958. She got a master degree in Physics at Milan University with a thesis on DNA macromolecule conformational stability. From biophysics, she moved her research interest first to semiconductor physics and then to photovoltaics for space applications, working in Italian high technology companies like STMicroelectronics and FIAR/Leonardo.  In 1991 she joined the European Space Agency technology center in the Netherlands. In 28 years at ESA, she contributed to all European space missions with cutting edge technology: e.g., she developed the solar generators for extremely low temperature and low light intensity conditions enabling the Rosetta mission. In the last 8 years she has been the head of the ESA electrical engineering department in charge of radiofrequency systems, microelectronics, data systems, power systems and space environment effects.
She is the author of several scientific and technical publications and is member of the scientific committees of international conferences. At the end of 2018 she started a PhD in Physics at the University of Pisa to fulfil her interest for cosmological research.

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