Priyanka Giri

Laurea: Pisa (2019)
Ricerca: Gravitational Waves (Virgo)
Supervisore: Francesco Fidecaro
Stanza: 72 Ed. C
Telefono: 327 6690081


I worked on modeling of high-finesse optical filter cavities for the reduction of scattering losses in Advanced Virgo. I found the frequency cutoff needed to improve the efficiency of the filter cavity used in Advanced Virgo for reduction of quantum noise. And, I am currently working on the optimization of the interferometer global working point, which includes both the compensation of optical aberration and the tuning of the interferometer alignment and longitudinal controls, in view of the next observing runs O4 and O5. The absorption of the laser power by the mirrors causes a thermal expansion of the optic itself along the optical axis (thermo-elastic effect) and an increase of the optical path length of the light inside the cavities due to the refractive index fluctuations (thermal lensing) with TCS and ISC groups in Virgo. I am also working on finding the angular correlations for the stochastic background using LIGO O2-O3 datasets.



Giri, Priyanka

Mitigation of cold aberrations and locking of central interferometer of advanced Virgo+ Presentation




Giri, Priyanka

Why do macroscopic objects not exhibit quantum superpositions? Presentation