Matheus Rodrigues Medeiros Silva

Laurea: UEL/Brazil (2019)
Ricerca: Theoretical Cosmology
Supervisore: Giovanni Marozzi
Stanza: 169 Ed. C


I was born in SÃo Paulo (Brazil) in 1994. I got my Physics degree at UNESP/Brazil, where I developed research in Materials Science with FAPESP scholarship (Supervisioned by Ph.D. Carlos J. L. Constantino). I obtained my Master degree at UEL/Brazil, where I developed research in Theoretical Physics/Cosmology. I applied the Geodesic Light Cone (GLC) coordinates to the calculation of drift (i.e change in time) of both astrophysical and cosmological observables, respectively the drift of the direction of observation (parallax and aberration) and the redshift drift. These observables are related with a new sub-field of Cosmology, dub as Real-Time Cosmology. During my Master degree I was supervised by Ph.D. Thiago dos Santos Pereira. I am currently working in Theoretical Cosmology under supervision of Ph.D. Giovanni Marozzi. My major interests are GLC coordinates, Real-Time Cosmology, Large Scale Structure and Inflation.



Silva, Matheus Rodrigues Medeiros

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Silva, Matheus Rodrigues Medeiros

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