Francesco Bertucci

Laurea: Genova (2020)
Ricerca: Conformal field theories
Supervisore: Alessandro Vichi
Stanza: 168 Ed.C


I was born in Lavagna (Liguria) on June 1996. Quite strangely, I attended a technical high school and after that I obtained both my Bachelor and Master degree in Physics in Genova. In my Master
thesis I studied topological structures in supergravity under the supervision of Prof. Camillo Imbimbo. When considering a specific formulation of supergravity, some quantities that characterize the theory can be (mathematically) related to different objects appearing in a particular topological theory. These structures are emergent, and they do not show up in a different formulation of the theory. As I started my PhD, my research area changed, and now I study conformal field theories in the group of Prof. Alessandro Vichi. Besides physics, I like reading,
watching movies, going to the theatre, listening to music and, when possible, travelling.



Bertucci, Francesco

Instantons in quantum field theory Presentation