Alessio Franchi

Laurea: Pisa (2020)
Ricerca: Conformal Field Theories
Supervisore: Ettore Vicari
Stanza: 168 Ed.C


I was born in Poggibonsi (Tuscany) in 1996.
I got both the bachelor degree and the master degree in theoretical physics at the University of Pisa.
In my master thesis, I studied numerically the critical behavior of a 2D lattice model of multiflavor scalar Chromo-Dynamics in the presence of SO(N_c) non-Abelian gauge symmetries and O(N_f) global symmetries.
The thesis, supervised by Prof. Ettore Vicari and Dr. Claudio Bonati, introduced me to the Renormalization Group framework and critical phenomena, topics intimately related to the concept of universality.
My research activity currently focuses on lattice gauge theories, but more in general I'm interested in non-perturbative approaches to quantum field theories, be they applied to the high-energy physics context or statistical systems.



Franchi, Alessio

Fermi liquids theory from a Renormalization Group perspective Presentation