Marco Piva

Laurea: Pisa (2014)
Ricerca: Quantum gravity, formal aspects of quantum field theory, renormalization
Supervisore: D.Anselmi
Stanza: 168
Telefono: 050 2214897


I am born in Milano on May 1989. In 2000 I moved to Porto Azzurro (Isola d'Elba) and I graduated at liceo scientifico R. Foresi, Portoferraio.
I studied at Pisa University and I obtained my MSc degree in December 2014 with the thesis “Nonlocal theories of quantum gravity and gauge fields” under the supervision of prof. Damiano Anselmi, final grade 110/110. In the thesis I carried out a research on a class of nonlocal quantum gravity theories, studing their renormalizability and unitarity. This work gave me the opportunity to touch with hand the fundamental issues of the quantization of gravity and to get a complete and clear understanding of the domain of quantum field theories.
In 2013 I applied for the Erasmus program and I spent one semester in Munich at Ludwig-Maximilians Universitat. There, I had an experience as teaching assistant in the course “Instantons and black holes” held by prof. Peter Mayr.
In May 2015 I spent one month at Fudan University (Shanghai) as visitor in the quantum gravity group lead by prof. Leonardo Modesto.
My research interests are related to classical/quantum gravity and formal aspects of quantum field theories.
I am a cheerful and confident person and I can easily establish a professional and friendly relationship with people. I can travel worldwide, adapting myself to the new environment and appreciating everything it can offers.

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Piva, Marco

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Piva, Marco

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Piva, Marco

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