XXXVII Cycle (2021-2024)

Mohamed Aghaie Moghadam Ozbak

Room: 162 Ed. C

Francesco Artuso

Research: Machine Learning applied to Acoustic Physics

Fabio Caceffo

Room: 166 Ed. C

Francesco D'Angelo

Research: Lattice QCD
Room: 170 Ed. C
Phone no: 050 2214899

Giuseppe Di Somma

Research: Physics and reconstruction of the Sagnac signal in the GINGER experiment
Room: 191 Ed. C

Alessandro Dondarini

Room: 166 Ed. C

Fulvia Gennari

Research: Spectroscopic techniques applied to plants
Room: 75 Ed.B

Simon Kanka

Room: 67 Ed. C

Lorenzo Lavista

Room: 83 Ed. B

Ludovico Massaccesi

Research: Analysis within the Belle II experiment
Room: 139 Ed.C

Michele Messina

Research: Fisica dei sistemi disordinati
Room: 120 Ed. C

Martina Moglioni

Research: SYN-CT project
Room: 67 Ed. C

Marco Montefiori

Research: Dosimetric protocol for FLASH radiotherapy
Room: 145 Ed. C

Gregorio Paci

Research: Theoretical aspects of cosmology
Room: 169 Ed. C

Francesco Perciavalle

Research: Quantum technologies
Room: 166 Ed. C

Alessandro Porcelli

Room: 66 Ed. C

Giorgia Silvestrelli

Research: Use of materials in 3D printing and deposition techniques for the realization of devices for sustainable energy production and harvesting
Room: 83 Ed. B

Stefano Silvestri

Room: 37 Ed. C

Daniele Sonaglioni

Research: Diffrazione elettronica e calorimetria di composti molecolari di interesse farmaeutico
Room: 83 Ed. B

Francesco Tarantelli

Research: Analysis of the quantum many-body systems in low-energy regimes
Room: 168 Ed. C

Cosimo Tommasi

Research: Experimental realisation of electromagnetic cavities with two-dimensional materials embedded as an active medium
Room: 75 Ed. B